Kiaat, Repurposed Art Deco light fitting


My story.



Earlier this year, I saw a beautiful Art Deco ceiling fitting on auction at Ashbys in Church Street. There was a lot of interest but I really wanted it. It came home with me and I started thinking about what to do with it.



I wanted something that was up to date, but celebrated the beauty and history of the fitting. It needed to be tall but elegant. I decided on exposed wiring as the old school fabric covered flex is attractive and contrasts with the wood.



Only once it was finished did I start to think about a name. Taking a step back, the lamp reminded me of a tall girl with a tanned body and beautiful white face. Part of what I really like about the glass fittings from this period is that the glass is clear with a white layer inside. This gives a milky translucence with shadows, just like a beautiful face.



All my pieces have a sense of fun and I couldnt help but wonder what beauty products this girl is using to maintain her perfect complexion. I am very pleased that my Tall Girl has found a home in a stunning Art Deco apartment in the Gardens.