Each piece that I make is unique.  To start the creative process, I prefer to meet clients face to face.  This way I can better understand the desired outcome within its context . Typically I will look for answers to the following questions:


What are you looking for?

What is the purpose or function of the piece?

How big will it need to be?

Do you have specific materials or finishes in mind?

Any special requests?



After a few days I will follow up to ensure my understanding is the same as your expectation.  This may include finalising materials or broad design direction.  Once absolutely clear, I will prepare a final proposal for approval.


As the reveal of your piece approaches, I will prepare its unique story. This will document the creative process from conception to birth.


Question: What if I don’t know what will work for me?

Don’t stress, it will be a pleasure undertaking the journey of  discovery with you.  I will guide you through the process, and our path will become part of the story behind your piece.