Kiaat, parquet, hoop iron, floor joists


(My story)



This table sits on a base made from the pine joists that were removed from the floor on which it sits. Not only is this a tangible link to the past, but also gives a reassuring solidity.



Four very different Kiaat planks were deliberately selected for the top. One of the planks is flamboyantly cross grained. The variety of the Kiaat is balanced by the parquet pathway down the centre of the table. I joke that this is one floor that you can eat off! Lastly, the table is bound with galvanised hoop iron which brings an industrial solidity. Once again this is a nod to the past where the floor joists were nailed in place using hoop iron for reinforcement.



This table is contemporary and at home in its context. At the same time it pays homage to the history of its context.