“Little Cheese” and “Three Cheese” Lamps


Kiaat, Edison bulbs


My story…


Before the launch of Chronicle Design, I made a lamp called the “little cheese”. This style of lamp is commonly known as a shadow lamp.  Once the holes had been drilled, it reminded me of a Swiss cheese.

A good friend then asked me to make three of these, one on top of the other, and able to rotate. From her vision emerged the “Three Cheese Lamp”.  The same, but subtly different, each cheese complements the others perfectly, no matter how they are arranged.  An addition is the rheostat or dimmer which allows the light to be controlled, anywhere between Gouda and Gorgonzola.

Like all good cheeses, this lamp goes perfectly with wine.  For this reason, I am happy that it went to a home where good wine is appreciated.