Kiaat, parquet, tractor seats (one rotating, one fixed), copper


(My story)



Rituals are really important when they add meaning. The idea of a love seat where a couple can regularly sit and connect has always appealed to me. However, as a mild adult ADD sufferer, I always wondered how this would work where one partner could not sit still! From this came the idea of allowing movement, followed by the movable seat. This not only allows the user to keep moving, but also to straddle the bench, facing their partner.



The tractor seats symbolise the industry or hard work required to maintain a relationship. The parquet on which they sit is a reminder to keep one’s feet firmly on the ground. The sides are made from Kiaat. Traditionally Kiaat was associated with protection and healing. The copper pipe serves as a link joining the two sides. Lastly, this piece makes me smile, and for me humour is probably one of the most important aspects of any relationship.