My Father was a hobby carpenter and I grew up with the smell of wood shavings and linseed oil. I vividly remember being taught to identify Mukwa (Kiaat) trees in the Zimbabwean bush, marveling at the brown fried egg like seeds.

As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed making things, often reinventing my surroundings. Both the creative process and the fruits of my labour continue to be hugely satisfying.


People are increasingly searching for purpose and meaning in their daily lives. Our environments can play a huge role in enriching our lives e.g. by fostering connections or adding an element of fun. My furniture and lighting has done this for me and my family. Whilst I enjoy the creativity and have fun looking for symbolism, I am firmly focused on function and believe in keeping things real.


I am blessed to make a living doing what I love, offering clients objects that I believe can enrich their lives.